Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rug Lust and a Girl Crush

Okay, so I totally have a girl crush on Emily Henderson right now. I kind of want to stalk her at the Long Beach Antique Market and convince her to be my new best friend forever. But that would be weird and creepy, so instead I'll just shamelessly copy her. Best form of flattery right?

image via designlovefest

I saw this living room she did for Bri Emery and almost fell out of my chair at how great this room is. I love it. Everything is perfection. Of course! (Which is why I love her like Leslie Knope loves Anne Perkins.) I've been trying to find inspiration for our living room for quite some time, and once I saw this room, the creative juices started flowing.

It all started with this blank slate.

And using Em for my inspiration, ended with this:

The first thing I wanted to buy for this room was a rug. I needed something large enough to brighten the space since I painted the entire house gray. Something that made the room look like less of a jail cell. I turned to Em for inspiration. I loved the Moroccan style rug she used, but with Buster being black, I knew it would be a nightmare to clean. I found this rug from Home Decorators. Instead of buying it right away, I lusted after it for quite some time. It was kinda pricey, and for my cheap self, I wasn't sure if I should get it. THEN I got a coupon in the mail from HD and took it as a sign that this rug was meant for me. Definitely worth every penny.

Since I splurged on the rug, I saved by buying this $15 wicker coffee table on Craigslist. And since Em had so many plants in her room, I threw one on it. The plant is kind of sad right now, but I just watered it so it'll be happy again in no time.

I took another note from my BFF and decided I needed to get some gold up in this room. I bought this side table at Cost Plus. It was a steal at 50% off, plus an extra $10 off since it was a floor model. (Side note: don't be afraid to ask for a discounts. Even Lowes gave us an extra 10% off our carpet and washer/dryer set just for asking!) Anyway, back to the table:

And more shots:

Gotta represent my favorite bloggers!

The floral fabric is from Joann's and cost me a whole $7. I bought one yard with a 40% off coupon and made two pillow covers. 

So there's the progress that's being made in the Living Room. Thanks to my BFF Emily Henderson for helping me decorate! I still need to add a bit here and there… and of course touch up all that dang paint. I promise it'll happen one day!

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